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Fairhandla has closed its gates as a result of changing offers from similar websites and no longer requiring another free website for classifieds.

We want to express our gratitude for the wonderful time we had together.

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Some alternatives

Different websites are better suited for different types of products when it comes to selling online. As a seller, you must decide whether to sell on a large, paid website or a smaller, free classifieds site. Perhaps you're looking to try out a new buying and selling platform altogether? Here, we've compiled a list of the most important online marketplaces with their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision about where to sell your items.



"Quick" tip


It costs to post an ad on Blocket, but you can find just about anything there. Depending on what you want to sell, it can cost up to 159 SEK. Ads for different types of vehicles, real estate, services, and machinery are the most expensive, while the price is lower for items such as literature, bicycles, and movies. You can only choose one image for your ad, and if you want to add more, it will cost extra. It also costs extra if you want to make any changes to your ad.


"Exciting" tip


Tradera is a well-known brand that inspires confidence. Here, you can post ads for potential buyers to bid on - offering the possibility of making more money than expected. You can also choose to set a fixed price for your ad. It is completely free to register and advertise on Tradera. They take a commission for each sold item and charge a fee for each unsold item if you post more than 100 ads per month. You cannot choose the end time for your ad without purchasing the "Own End Time" option.




Sell your items easily on Citiboard by taking a picture, writing a short description, and setting a price - all for free. Citiboard functions as a mobile flea market, with ads for everything from used clothes and shoes to furniture and computers. It is completely free to use Citiboard, with no costs before or after you sell your item. If you allow the app to access your location, you'll see relevant ads in your area. Currently, there is no maximum limit on the number of ads per seller, which can be annoying for those looking for serious ads. It's also common for several-year-old ads to remain on the platform.



Marketplace is a bit like Blocket, but built into Facebook, and it's free to post your ads. You can create ads to sell your stuff, describing them, adding pictures, and setting a price. Just like on Blocket, no transactions are conducted on Marketplace - you have to contact the seller and make an agreement. Alternatively, there are Facebook groups for buying and selling where you can find different good deals.



Lokus is a nationwide ad platform with tens of thousands of ads for buying and selling. When you post an ad on Lokus, you have the option to also publish it in your local newspaper. If you choose to publish the ad both on Lokus and in the newspaper, it will reach a broad audience both online and in print. The ad is searchable on around 80 newspaper websites, and it will be published in the newspaper you have selected if you have made this choice.



So, you avoid the process of photographing, writing descriptions, and posting the ad. Here, you get help selling your stuff instead of selling it yourself. Sellpy takes care of all this for you. Instead, you order a Sellpy bag and send it back with the items you want to sell. Sellpy then goes through the items and sorts out what they consider sellable, takes photos, and posts them on their website. Then you share the profit. The biggest advantage is that you avoid all the work. All you need to do is order a bag and send back your items. You are guaranteed good photos and do not need to send the item to the buyer yourself. Unlike sites and apps where you get the full profit, Sellpy takes a portion of what you earn. So, you won't reach the same high amounts you probably would have made elsewhere. Sellpy also determines the prices of your items, and if they are valued at less than fifty kronor, they are not considered sellable.



It is free to buy and sell with Shpock. The app detects your location and shows ads that have been posted in your area. You can also share your ads on Facebook and other social media to speed up sales. The app allows users to leave reviews, block and report, which opens up for serious sellers and buyers. Additionally, you can chat directly with a potential buyer or seller within the app. To communicate privately with a potential buyer, they must first place a bid on your ad, and as a seller, you must accept the bid. It is therefore not possible to answer questions about what you are selling in advance. A bid on an ad is also legally binding, but reviews of the app indicate that there are cases where buyers back out.


A selection of Sweden's classified ad websites